• Back on track.

    I was recently in Mexico with my family, on the glorious Caribbean.  Nothing quite like cool ocean breezes on hot sultry days.  We played in the pool for hours and all of us got berry brown, though all the time trying the keep the suntan at bay.  I found a eco friendly sunblock which does not harm reefs or other living things.  All harmless but effective ingredients.  Our planet is in peril, anything we can do to help matters.  I found sea shells and made a pair of earrings; I can't go for long without creating jewelry.  Now, another trip in the offing, San Diego, to the Mingei Museum where my jewelry is sold.If you are ever in San Diego, don't miss Balboa Park, a wonder of city planning, museums galore, gardens, restaurants, all in old colonial style.

    Happy May Day..