• Back on track.

    I was recently in Mexico with my family, on the glorious Caribbean.  Nothing quite like cool ocean breezes on hot sultry days.  We played in the pool for hours and all of us got berry brown, though all the time trying the keep the suntan at bay.  I found a eco friendly sunblock which does not harm reefs or other living things.  All harmless but effective ingredients.  Our planet is in peril, anything we can do to help matters.  I found sea shells and made a pair of earrings; I can't go for long without creating jewelry.  Now, another trip in the offing, San Diego, to the Mingei Museum where my jewelry is sold.If you are ever in San Diego, don't miss Balboa Park, a wonder of city planning, museums galore, gardens, restaurants, all in old colonial style.

    Happy May Day..

  • March, again?

    How can it be; another March is upon us.  2018.   In this previous year, my son got married to a most wonderful young woman.  Joyousness rules.

    I continue to create jewelry and objects.  I can't see a life without creativity.  It's instictive and natural. The issue is promotion.  One has to be e-commerce saavy or have an assistant who is.  Someone who knows the online game.  This has always been the condundrum of an artist.  We are the least able to be our own purveyors.

    Onward, March into 2018, creativity intact and on the move.

  • 2017 early spring

    Can it be, March of 2017!  Tempus fugate.  

    Blessed winter Holiday time with beloved grandchildren and children. 

    The design work continues; got a hankering for hearts, for the first time in my life.  I was never a 'heart as a pendant' person.    Now I am, it seems.  Got into texturing metal materials and forming all manner of hearts.  I've so enjoyed that.   You can see them in the "Limited Editions" section under Jewelry.  Right now we need all the heart(s) we can get.

    Onward.   Keep heart ^

  • New exposure at Marin Jewelers Guild

    If you are in Marin County, or indeed in Northern California, please make your way to San Rafael to 1331 4th Street, to the Marin Jewelers Guild.  A wonderful artist run endeavor showcasing hand made designs.

    I remember when this concept was first decided, in the previous century, and it has grown beautifully.  Now, I am a proud guest artist at the Gallery.  They are exhibiting a nice collection of my metal worked pieces including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings...

  • An elucidating thought...

    I think this phrase:   CULTURAL LEANINGS BY DESIGN   says what I express in  my work.

  • Getting back on track..

    In the beginning if January I slipped and broke my wrist... Oh, the pain...For the next many weeks I was in a cast and not able to work or do much of anything.   As an artist/jewelry designer it was quite the challenge to keep from having a big pity party..  As life goes, now I am cast free and pretty much able to use my hands to their fullest extent.   As fate would have it, stores who sell my jewelry started calling for more work, just at the time my cast was removed.   Hallaluyah.  Now I'm working on new designs and feeling the love of the materials and being in my studio doing creative work. Such blessings...

  • Just so you know...

    This is to remind all that in addition to my designing and executing those designs, I will do your stringing and (pearl and other) knotting.   I, also, have worked on creating new designs utilizing your existing jewelry that has become passe or old style and needs uplifting, revitalizing...  Please get in touch if you need this work...